Buy a Refurbished Dell Power Edge R320 1U Server from Kahn Servers

What is Dell PowerEdge R320 1U?

The PowerEdge R320 is a densely packed 1U chassis that delivers affordability alongside processing capabilities that can handle enterprise level tasks. Given the compact size of the server, it is ideal for most web hosting and file serving applications along with the general applications of a server.

Key Features


The single socket 1U chassis of the R320 allows for up to ten cores for each processor and a generous 2.5 MB of cache for each core. There are six DIMM slots inside the chassis that allow a total of 192 GB of memory through DDR3 high performance RAM.
The server allows 32TB in hard drive storage through four slots allocated for 3.5” SAS SATA and Solid State hard disks. The server is particularly useful as an all-rounder since it supports hot swaps.
The server comes with two PCIe 3.0 slots for efficient I/O and there is a 10 GB Ethernet channel along with an 8 GB Fiber Optic channel. Hire our CRM data entry services to get that extra boost in managing your customer relationships whileboosting your company profits.Call us for more details. The server can also function in a range of temperatures which helps save big on energy costs and it can handle most power fluctuations without hardware damage.


The server comes with the flexibility of efficient performance at enterprise level and small business level given its compatibility with XEON E5 2400 family of processors and the E5 1400 series. It accommodates memory hungry applications really well with its 32TB storage capacity. The 192 GB RAM with 1600 MT/s can definitely be an overkill in some situations, but nonetheless, the R320 handles tough workloads with a breeze. You can further stabilize your use with the hot plug power supplies and hard disk drives and the redundant SD cards allow for added protection of virtualized loads.

Management and Deployment

The 1U chassis fits easily in server racks and gives high performance relative to its size which makes it suitable for space constrained offices. Using the cable management kit, the wiring becomes neater and this especially useful if you house a large number of servers and still want to keep things tidy.

Remote Management

The R320 is equipped with the iDRAC 8 and the Lifecycle Controller under the Dell OpenManage systems management portfolio and this allows for seamless remote access of the server. Particularly useful for setups where the server is to be put to use and managed remotely rather than being continuously physical availability. Basic tasks such as updating the server system can be carried out remotely without having to obtain a physical connection.

Should You Buy a Refurbished Server?

Here at KahnServers, we test and verify your refurbished server before shipping and each server from us comes with a one-year RTB warranty.
With new servers, the rate of depreciation is sometimes not worth the price tag and the room for scalability is also limited since one already spends thousands to deploy it. Refurbished servers are a better option due to the room for scalability since you can always upgrade components without them being too heavy on your pocket and also the rate of depreciation is relatively lower than that for new servers.

Why Choose KahnServers?

At KahnServers, you can purchase the DELL PowerEdge R320 1U at a base price of £149.99 with additional costs depending on how you custom build your server. Apart from customer support, we also offer technical support to our clients for our devices to ensure smooth and reliable use of your refurbished server.

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