Clear, Credible & Consistent EB5 Business Plans

EB5 business plan is notoriously tricky to create! They can be even more difficult than writing a traditional business plan for many reasons. 

Above all else, an EB5 business plan must be comprehensive, and all that detail must be compiled in a clear, credible and consistent manner. Let’s take a look at how to achieve these three crucial elements.

But first, what should you know about EB5 Business Plans?

The basic purpose of an EB5 business plan must explain to a USCIS official (who may have limited business knowledge in your industry) why your business will be successful and viable within the U.S. 

The more proof and details you provide, the clearer the picture you’ll paint for the immigration officer. You should also use a professional writing style, with limited errors, to present all your data and documentation. Many business owners feel most comfortable hiring a professional business plan consultant to complete their EB5.

If you’re tackling your EB5 business plan on your own, keep these three C’s in mind


Credibility is defined as the quality of being trusted, convincing, and believable. Matter of Ho-compliant is the legal term for credibility. 

To apply that concept to your business plan, you must provide an application and all supportive evidence that is both true and correct. 

Did you know that lack of credibility is the number one reason EB5 business visas are not approved? So, how can you achieve credibility? With a professional, it isn’t too difficult. 

A professional business plan writer with immigration experience can help you check each section of your business plan for citations and references. Confirm that these are current and that they can be accessed by the USCIS official. It’s especially important that citations appear in the sections on permits, budget, and financials. 

Businesses that fail to reference verifiable, third-party evidence will fail to establish credibility. This is why it is so important to make sure that your plan is well-supported! 

It can be tricky to find unbiased, third-party support for some areas of your business plan. However, you may face a USCIS challenge if you fail to show at least some details that can be easily verified. A professional will know where to find quality sources. 

Business Plan Expert

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You won’t be surprised to know that if the information you provide isn’t consistent with a USCIS examiner’s research, they’ll have plenty of questions for you. That’s why we suggest establishing your credibility through consistency. 

Read and reread your EB5 business plan to make sure dates, numbers, and statistics are consistent throughout every section. Here are some tips for accomplishing consistency throughout your plan

  • External Consistency: 

EB5 business plans This one is easy. Just a quick Google search of the names of your company’s management and executives, business address, and name. Read through the first few search results for each one. If there are any discrepancies between the information online and in your business plan, fact-check for accurate information. 

  • Internal Consistency: 

Make a quick list; just 10 key details of your business plan. Then use the “find and replace” function to spot check your plan (and supporting documentation) to be sure the numbers are the same each time they appear. Should you catch any discrepancies, double check your math and research to correct them. 


“All rhetoric, no substance” is cited by the USCIS as one of the most common EB5 business plan shortcomings. Too much useless information, not enough specific detail. 

You can avoid a denial of your application by providing details regarding the way you intend to use EB-5 funds and how you’ll create the required number of jobs. Remember, the key is relevance! Immigration officers are more concerned with your financials and market research than personal details on your executives’ resumes. 

By having an immigration business plan exert analyze your plan, you minimize your risk of failure. These experts know all the ins and outs of EB5 requirements and can assess your plan to address any concerns USCIS may have. They can also find areas that may be concerning for investors, such as return, risk, and timing. 

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