Five Reasons to Integrate Your Email With CRM

Knowledge workers thrive on and live in email. Whether you are a sales rep, customer success rep or doing customer support – one of your primary channels of communication with your customers is through email. As the center console and application for knowledge workers, though, email tools like Gmail and Outlook do not just manage email, they also manage contacts, notes, tasks and calendar data.

It makes sense that a sales professional’s calendar is deeply integrated into their primary communication channel. Managing priorities and time is one of the defining traits of a good sales rep. Time management, email follow-ups and scheduling meetings are how sales reps manage their opportunities and close deals. 


 5 Hour PreLicensing Course Policy. The student must present: either a current New York Photo Learner Permit or a valid interim permit with sales organizations rely on CRM to help manage opportunities in a shared and central database. A strong CRM is critical to a good sales organization and helps serve customers after the sales are closed. 

Integrating business tools like email and calendaring with your CRM increases the power of the entire sales organization. But there are salespeople who are leery about integrating email with their CRM. 

Common Objections to Linking Email to CRM: 

  • I do not like the idea of my managers or coworkers having the ability to spy on me.

Spying is not the purpose of a CRM. If your bosses or coworkers are trying to spy on you the problems are much larger than the use of the CRM. It is important to remember that you are in control of what information is shared with the CRM. If an email is not relevant it will not be going into the CRM. There are ways to whitelist and blacklist certain email domains or senders to preserve your privacy. Not to mention, though, that your employer probably already has legal rights to your email (whether or not it is in your CRM). 

  • Linking the email and CRM will make things complicated and hard to follow.

Sharing information with CRM is simple and seamless for many users. When you link Outlook or another email app to the CRM a button will allow the user to choose which contacts, calendars, and emails to sync. You are in full control of how much you want to share. Things can become complicated if there is a large amount of email data chosen to merge with the CRM. It’s important to remember that you have many powerful tools at your fingertips to keep things sorted and together. 

Benefits of Integrating Email and CRM

Email with CRM

  • No more having to double enter data and time and saved. 

You get an email from a client. You can add it right to the CRM from your email. Receiving or sending emails that you have chosen to share with the CRM provides accurate records. No having to search for the last email that you know you have read. 

  • Automate, track, schedule, and analyze your emails from a glance. 

Automated emails can be scheduled along with responses. Follow-ups for tasks are presented that will save both energy and time. Automation also keeps track of things and less will be accidentally overlooked. 

  • Communication and scheduling are easily accessed.

When everything is centralized it is easier to keep track of and less confusion. With everything noted and kept organized there is less chance of encountering scheduling conflicts or missed meetings. 

  • Ability to create support cases right from your email. 

While your building relationships that are strong with your clients it is not uncommon for them to reach out to you personally rather than general support avenues. The great thing is that email integration keeps it simple to keep your clients happy. Emails can be easily and quickly responded to. Your clients are happy because they are not being made to wait a long time for support requests. 

  • No more having to sort through piles of emails. 

When the email and CRM are integrated all the filing is done for you. No more having to doublecheck to make sure things are filed in the right categories. Having integration allows the user to see important information immediately.

Searching for Email and CRM Integration

There are multiple products available on the market to add to your list of tools. One such product is AutoScribe which does the work for you.’s AutoScribe is 100% automated contact and einstein activity capture salesforce. Never again search for emails or files that were not added correctly. 

AutoScribe is compatible with Office 365, G Suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more. A simple solution that requires no client-side plugins. It is a set it and forget it application. Are you ready to experience a powerful tool that saves you time and energy?

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