October 22, 2020

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Types of Cantilever Racks and What They Are Used for In A Warehouse

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Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are a popular storage and display choice for warehouses and other retailers who sell bulky and heavy merchandise. They are made up of support beams and extending arms which act as shelving to hold products. When looking for the right cantilever rack, you will find several options including the I-beam rack and the rolling cantilever rack. Each type of system has its purpose and finding the right type for your warehouse can help you run a smoother, more efficient operation.

Cantilever systems can be customized to hold everything from lightweight piping to heavy pieces of furniture. The arms are adjustable for height and positional needs. This gives these shelves great flexibility in the type of products they can hold. However, before selecting a rack, consider the products you’re storing, and whether you need light, medium, or heavy-duty shelving.

Rolling Racks for Light Duty

Rolling cantilever racks are mobile and versatile in order to meet the needs of your light-duty merchandise. They are ideal for piping, tubing, and plastics. These rack systems are meant for handloading. Their wheel systems can be equipped with locks to ensure safety when not in motion.

Other light-duty systems are available, including a light duty structural rack, and these systems are typically built to hold up to 500 pounds.

I-Beam Racks for Medium Duty

These freestanding cantilever racks are stationary; they’re not secured to the walls of your warehouse facility. However, this means the shelves are accessible on all sides, which makes them a great choice for easily viewing inventory easily. What’s more, they can be outfitted to hold products on both sides simultaneously. I-beam racks can hold medium to heavy-duty loads, with a maximum hold of 20,000 pounds.

Structural Racks for Heavy Duty

Typically, a structural cantilever rack secures to the wall or floor of your building. These racks are made to hold medium to extra heavy-duty loads and come equipped with structural supports that allow each arm to support up to 6,600 pounds – ideal for heavy metals and lumbers, as well as heavy items, including furniture.

As the most popular type of cantilever racking system, structural racks offer a variety of ways to benefit your enterprise. With adjustable arms to accommodate varying heights and widths of products, put them back to back, and you have a double-sided system.

When choosing your cantilever rack system, you should consider your merchandise as well as the space you have available. Versatile, customizable systems are a great option to meet present as well as future needs. You can find many systems including the rolling cantilever rack for sale online. Working with a trusted shelving partner can help you be sure you’re investing in the racking system that’s right for you.

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